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  • robodrill

    July 24, 2021 at 1:20 pm

    I a person buys an option the hedgies have to pay, that is a win. If the option expires out of the money that is a loss.
    Placing a call option that is out of the money and expires soon is a way to give hedgies money. Buying that same option with a long expiration period is a way of taking their money.

    That IMHO is why we lost the battle (for the moment) for $60.01. The hedgies looked at the number of calls in the money at 60.01 and decided it would cost less to drive the price down to eliminate those options being payed out. Instead they were able to use the premiums for the options they caused to fail in order to fund the attacks on the price.

    An out of the money call for one or two years out, however, is an entirely different animal. All of those calls will be exercised or traded during the squeeze, and there is no benefit to the hedgies in attacking calls with distant expiration dates.

    As always, the best choice IMHO is to just buy AMC and hodl. Then buy one more share and hodl, then buy one more share and hodl.

    If 3 million apes bought one share each week then 3 million shares a week would disappear from the available shares. If we could buy ten on average, that is thirty million shares that would disappear from the available amount. I believe that there is not one real, legitimate share being sold anywhere. Each share we buy will have to be purchaced by the hedgie that bought it from the market maker and who must return it. Every share bought from this point onward is worth whatever the buyer is willing to sell it for. Each person will have their very own moon. IMHO.