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  • StockinAF

    July 19, 2021 at 11:59 am

    I am with you, I can’t imagine Matt streaming 7 hours a day on AMC if he didn’t give a shit about AMC… and they will all tell you to do your our DD and not take their word on anything. Gabe, Matt and Trey are there to, IMO, a central meeting area for us… all the infighting is the psychological warfare that Gabe spoke about… they want us to not trust them… they wants us to be paranoid.. as a therapist I have seen it… Matt, Gabe, Trey, Kenan, Larry (those are the ones I watch) tell you what they think and they remind you this is what they think… they also say do what you need to do… they in no way are manipulating anyone to be here… the other messages are the ones who are wanting you to see something that isn’t there, lawsuit, apefest.. you name it.. Apefest was not a celebration of squeeze never was… it was made out to be bigger then it was… it was just people getting together and those that wanted to spend the money could… those that didn’t didn’t have to… the lawsuit same thing… my concern is every time we pull back… it gives those that are passing along FUD more power… that their FUD is working to control what we do… the more paranoid we do and change our behavior the more guilty we look… when in the beginning none of it was about any of that, it was made up stories that someone who most likely wasn’t an ape made up.. this is they psychological warfare that they are speaking of… as a clinical therapist who works in the field I am seeing it effect so many good people… don’t let it get to us… keep doing what we do… because that is what makes us strong..

    One thing about this community that makes it great is the support and freedoms we give one another… the fear of selling or staying that is what a master manipulator stock broker would do… the ones that buy and hold and have conviction will stay… that’s what we need to remember. Our freedom is our biggest strength! Gabe and Trey (my two favorites) remind me this and that is why I am here… they are strictly my reminders… that is it… everything else is my conviction and my story!