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  • Beau Lewis

    July 19, 2021 at 2:01 am

    All do respect I think your giving Matt a rough go, first they all (Matt, TMI, Gabe, Tray) stop showing their positions, and trades. Yes they will tell you they are buying more, but no other details. Wes Christianson advised all of the Pro Ape Youtube personalities to not show their positions anymore so they could avoid the hell that Roaring Kitty went through. What they are stating is sound legal advice. Now with that said, they are all (with the exception of Gabe) making a killing on Super Chats and Subs, so clearly there is an incentive for them to attract large followings. It can make you wonder sometimes but at the end of day I would do the same damn thing if I had the ability to…. Regardless of all that, I do believe Matt (along with the rest of the guys) is 100% Ape Strong. Just my opinion.