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  • Ape_Chris

    July 17, 2021 at 8:49 am

    Another reason I don’t like apefest. The majority of apes do not have the means to attend this event and pricing them out creates a reflection of the very system that we are fighting against. This sort of hypocrisy destroys movements. (Also we haven’t won anything yet and no time frames…remember that?) you want to divide the ape community? Create a class system where those with the means get to have fun while most apes are still scraping money from their meager paychecks to buy and hodl each week.

    I am going to keep adding to this thread and beating this drum as new ideas come because I think this event is a very bad idea. Also the execution is already suspect. Tickets are sold out before any of the musical acts have even committed, let alone been announced? Dumb money indeed…