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  • Joey193

    July 16, 2021 at 11:55 pm

    Honestly I really wanted to go to meet everyone I watch on YT all the time and to be around my Ape’s going through the same thing as I am. But the reality of it is that it can become a very dangerous situation. Knowing how they been using every dirty trick against us who knows what kind of crap they’ll l pull on us especially after having everyones information and or probably even pictures. I hope that one day after the squeeze it will be safe enough for such an event because it would be awesome to meet everyone and hang out with fellow Ape’s. I appreciate everyones thoughts on this because I myself almost fell for it but after checking in with fellow Ape’s and asking questions I realized that the bad feeling in the back of my head was right but my first initial response was like hell yeah I want to go, but I knew it could be a bad idea and after confirming with many fellow Ape’s I realize its not safe for any of us.