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  • Ape_Chris

    July 16, 2021 at 9:43 pm

    Yeah just to be clear..I have nothing against an ape fest per se. I just think it is a ripe opportunity for exploitation against us. We are fighting for billions from some of the worlds most powerful people. This isn’t a game. Real people have their real savings invested in this. Anyone can go on YouTube and say “hey I told you not to invest what you couldn’t afford” but that’s a cop out. With a platform comes responsibility. You may not have asked people to invest their money but you are still responsible for them doing it. Taking this risk to increase your influence sphere is just wrong in my book. It is exploiting the people you claim to be your community. Want to do it after MOASS? Fine. Hell, after MOASS I’ll pay $1k to lick a hair off Gabes ass. Before MOASS? Your risking people’s livelihoods. It’s just a fact.