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  • CrayonMuncher

    July 16, 2021 at 8:51 pm

    Agree 💯

    I prefer to post links and helpful things and I tried to not get into this, but couldn’t help it…. sorry. Just my 2 cents and then I’ll shut up about it. Hoping it serves as a warning.

    * it’s a great honey pot trap to set out to collect personal info before and during the event (look at how people are still being identified by the FBI after the Jan 6 move on the capital). do you know who is putting this on?

    * perfect way for everyone involved to be flagged for collusion and market manipulation. don’t think that can’t happen? google search “the iron bowl”. sure hope MSM doesn’t catch wind of this and blow it up.

    * prices are stupid high. buy stocks instead.

    * add this to another way the influencers use the movement skim money from their user base (already get money from clicks, ad revenue, superchats, patreon, merch, alerts and other services and memberships, etc.). great way for their portfolio to grow from the community’s money. For those that will say “nobody has to give money to them” and “they can do it if they want” that is true. But what makes it morally right for Matt to panhandle daily while simultaneously saying you don’t have to donate (meanwhile only reading superchats for 8+ hrs)? And sure, Trey recently did a video showing he turned everything off. Ok, but why did it take 7+ months to finally do it? I watched one live stream early on where a superchat called him out and suggested he turn it off and he played dumb and said he didn’t know how. Come on! You can do all kinds of TA, research company financials, comprehend new legislation and explain it, etc. and you can’t find the “off” button? 7 months later and he finally grows a conscience? Gaslighting and virtue signaling 101.

    * reeks of fyre festival

    * great way to blow your anonymity and tell everyone you’re wealthy

    * let Ralph Casteneda be an example of not having conviction in the right thing. forgot about him? yep, a lot of people did when he sold his position and gave a weak explanation. he got flamed for it and even though he eventually got back in, he lost all credibility and subs. it’s amusing how he recently put out a video calling out this “party” and those involved.

    * don’t forget, our windfall could come at a time that is a major crash for others. have a 401k? have a pension? know any friends or family that might be looking to retire soon and rely on their nest egg? you might come out ok, but they probably won’t. “just don’t dance” – The Big Short

    * don’t forget the pictures of Occupy Wall Street where the 1%ers were on the balcony sipping champagne and looking laughing at the protestors in the streets in ’08. Let’s not flip the script and become them. if/when we win, we win with dignity and help others in need.

    * this moass isn’t guaranteed. hope you read up on their return policy and privacy policy (hoping they have one).

    * you’re free to spend as you please, but it helps to keep your money in the market. i hope the new lawsuit Wes Christian is about to undertake doesn’t have some negative or unintended consequence that changes this whole trajectory and blows it up. i don’t want my potential earnings tied up in court and settled for less. this party only serves as yet another financial and attention distraction rather than a catalyst and it funnels money elsewhere

    * this squeeze could still drag out for many more months. what’s there to party about?

    I’ve been losing more and more interest in Trey, Matt, and TMI and watching them less and less because their content quality has been lacking, they are hurting for topics, and seem too focused on MSM airtime. I’ve now seen on twitter that they are promoting this party too and haven’t yet responded to any of the blowback.

    Any and all youtubers that are supporting this have lost touch with their audience and their “why”.

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch any associated youtuber’s future “apology” video because I will be unsubbing and blocking them.

    Trey, Matt, and TMI are done for me. Obviously they show no discernment. Already unsubbed and blocked.

    ReviewDork, Roensch Capital, Jeffrey Forbes…. please guys. Don’t let me down. Don’t fall into this mess too. I like y’all and don’t want to have to unsub and block y’all too. Y’all are older and have more experience and maturity and this doesn’t align with who you are. I don’t worry about Lou. I’m sure he is going to laugh his ass off about this one in an upcoming video.

    *** Anyone can disagree with me or flame me for being too harsh if that’s what you feel, I’m ok with that. this just feels wrong on so many levels, but hey, you do you ***