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  • joytikap

    July 15, 2021 at 2:51 pm

    Absolutely. If it wasn’t for Gabe and a few others, I wouldn’t have started to do my own DD and really dive into all this maddening corruption. After being beat down financially and emotionally since 2008, this time my convictions are higher than ever. Being involved with a community as strong as the Apes and Apettes has already forever changed my life and perspective. We are fighting towards the fair market we deserve. My parents came to this country for the freedom, yet every day we still fight for equality in America. I am not leaving. I am never going back to that dark place. Not with this many bright colors around me and the love and support I see on forums such as this. Seeing others with conviction as high as mine only makes me stronger. Seeing fud coming full force only makes me feel even more conviction. I appreciate everyone so much, and thank you Gabe for sharing your thoughts and non financial advice. =) You are a real one. Much love brotha