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  • StockinAF

    July 15, 2021 at 11:53 am

    I agree, my conviction is this community… I stand with all of you and I will not let the hedgies win… as far as I can see it they can fuck themselves. Also… Gabe and Trey have put publicly their faces on the line and I am standing beside them… I have brought many people in because I believe in this… and no I am not on YouTube… but I tell people I am HODL and some are upset with me but I tell them to trust and they continue to HODL because I am… but I STAND WITH THEM… because I look at it like this… the stock going to the moon is a side effect of this movement… I really try not to expect it because I don’t want fear to guide me.. this isn’t because I don’t have faith it is because I don’t want my greed to fuck with me. I want to use my power to teach Citadel and the Duopoly that they don’t get to do this anymore… the only way this will work is if we don’t let back down… the only way it works is if we risk it all.. I have lived my life with nothing in the stock market… I can continue to do so… so I plan to be here for the long run.. because the only way my life will really be better is if Citadel and the duopoly they is no longer allowed!