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  • Troy Gurley

    July 13, 2021 at 7:17 pm

    Doing some research on what’s going on helps me not feel so at a loss. To understand they are manipulating the market to inspire fear and insecurity in positions through High frequency Trading algorithms That are way over my head, Tells me one thing. They are afraid of us not being afraid to hold our positions. Why are they afraid? Because as long as we hold we win. They will loose. But I also would advice against placing all of your hard earned money into one pot. Diversify and build a portfolio with Great penny stocks or regular stocks That you can see making real progress in changing other peoples lives. The stock market is no lottery and it take real effort to understand how to invest. Learn what day trading is compared to swing trading. The difference in Long and short trades. Knowledge is power, Understanding why the market is behaving why it is will give you the ability to confidently trade, make gains and accept there will be some losses every now and then. But with diversification you can and will see a difference in your trading power. Am I worried about AMC? No, Honestly it is a calculated risk and we have already seen this very same scenario play out with GME. Even AI investing machines are making the same move on AMC that we are making as apes. making money in the stock market is a game between the patient and the impatient.