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  • Anonymous

    Deleted User
    July 12, 2021 at 1:31 pm

    You are correct. For the young ones, this was an opportunity to break out of their lives and into something that had financial upside. There are many Jr. Apes that are desperate for “a plan” and will pay for “Super Chats”, which are very lucrative for these young guys.

    I understand Matt to have made 300K so far by being online for 7 hours a day and accepting such $$$ from his followers. More power to him, this Ape is too old to toss good money at anything other than more shares.

    This play is extremely simple. We buy. We hold. We buy. We hold. It’s retail investors against HF’s. They have decades of experience in how to manipulate money out of retail investor pockets. However, this time around the tables got turned. It will make a great movie. Just hope it’s not as long as this will likely be.

    Stay strong. Stay alert and most of all, go about your daily life. Set a notification on your chosen brokerage account. When it rings, there are additional tendies in your ultimate pocket. When it goes silent, you wait for the next ring. I’ve set mine to ring every time it goes up by 100%. Nothing is going to shoot from 42.43 (current price) to 1000 in one day. It just won’t happen given all the breaks i place for such things.

    Enjoy your life, stick to your routines and never spend what you don’t have to spend (after rent, food, family needs, etc..).