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  • Curunir

    July 11, 2021 at 11:40 pm

    😜 I’ll have to think if there’s anything I would ever say that sounds like that. Not much of daily conversation in my life.

    Honestly though, not to sound tin-foil-hat or anything, but I’m pretty secure on the risk-potential front. I do consider my android to be the weakest link in my life for security but I typically put it away in my bedroom and just check on it now and then. I disable assist and all that but I don’t trust it not to be listening anyway. I’ve been a Linux user since early 90s so no ‘doze and only one company-issued Mac that doesn’t touch my home network. And don’t ask about my air-gap server. 🙄

    Ok, maybe I’ve learned a little paranoia.

    Point is, as this is now the second time in a couple years I’ve spent a lot of online time looking into an “unpopular” topic, and both times my ads have been spammed with this stuff (without my unassociated accounts seeing the same) I’m inclined to think some folks in those companies just use it as one more jab. I block as much of the add tracking as reasonable and don’t use the same or linked accounts in google, youtube, twitter or reddit so it’s not easy for something like that to “follow me”.

    Eh. Paranoia can be fun. We know CNBC and those are all lying or filtering the Truth. We know the hedge funds are using financial shenanigans to manipulate the prices beyond the powers of mortal men. Who’s to say what other shadow tactics they are playing with.