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  • StockinAF

    July 8, 2021 at 1:29 pm

    I agree, they have always done this whether it be oil or health… all of the history at the end points to the market… fear propaganda was birthed, I am beginning to see, in Wall Street. I think what pisses them off is that they can’t scare us… and honestly.. what do they have to scare us with? Fear only guides us to continue to lose… We lost our homes in 2008, our retirements accounts in the .com era and then COVID 19… they consistenly use fear to control markets and when it doesn’t work they use bullying and manipulation tactics… for the longest times this has created those on the top to get richer while those on below to continue to lose… think of our lives as the market… for a long time we have all been playing bearish… now we are playing bullish… and a lot of us are being bullish… we created competition… I no longer have anything to lose, they have gambled my social security away… I will pay student loans up until I am dead.. and even then I will still owe… might as well play this game… because this is the chance I have to give my kids and my family… this is the legacy.