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  • Curunir

    July 8, 2021 at 12:54 am

    Agree with all!!!

    And over the last two weeks we’ve seen soul-to-the-devil black magic pushing this back down. There is no “by the rules” way they’ve done this.

    I’m hoping it blows by $2k so fucking fast that the paperhands don’t have a chance to even think about what’s happening. Personally I have 100 shares ready for “coverage” and almost 2k more holding. I won’t even start looking at those until we are getting close to $10k.

    I do believe with the volume of naked shares that $10k is very reasonable and it could easily go much, much higher. I personally have been buying a couple more every week or so and I’m seeing it take sometimes 2-3 days before Webull or Chase remove the “pending” flag. And I know every one of those for the last couple months have been a fake share being sold to me. And every one of those is going to have to get covered.

    I hope the less-steady out there look at their shares with flexibility. Sell a SMALL amount on the way up to cover your investments so far and then relax. Nothing worse than premature selling to miss out on a great ride.