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  • Natedubb

    July 6, 2021 at 4:47 pm

    Yeah idk about all that, new folks can be swayed by FUD over there in reddit, what we need is more folks in here, our private little sandbox ya know? This is an apes site, so we contribute to not just other apes here, but literally contribute to a fellow ape and his family. I don’t discount the value in new traders hanging out in reddit but they need to watch Review Dork and you know the other big names we got leading the community. Reddit wallstreet bets has 10 million members ~ think about that… It’s cool, it’s big, but it’s tainted with Bots and shills and hedgie bot shills, you get the point. This place, right here is where baby Apes and all apes need to be. Slap some good DD down, give perspective, contribute to each other then go out to twitter n reddit n YouTube n start spreading more truth through financial medias FUD and other horse 💩… Idk if this helps but much love and AMC to the moon

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