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  • Natedubb

    July 6, 2021 at 3:41 pm

    I see…. Well I’m not going to start a debate on left or right, I’ll pose a thought from a purple line… The progressives dig radical, taking on wall street is fucking hella radical so we can find ol Bernie to get to chopping heads in the podium, we can get AOC on the team easy and a few others over in that camp, then on the right we got radicals like Randomly Paul who sees and vocalize about the fat cats in Wall Street so we got action with these cats, that we know…. Who can we get famous, powerful, honest and willing on the team? I think if we collectively (not telling anyone what to do) start turning the wrenches on even our local leaders and the better business bureau if possibly like myself you have Robinhood…. leaders that can and will actually do something. We can gain traction fomoing tf outta AMC on Twitter etc… But honestly why are we in this fight? So let’s fight🇺🇲! Not that we haven’t seen major gains and for some already life changing cash, but we need our leaders to actually do something that’s never been done and that’s STOP THE INJUSTICE WE CALL OUR STOCK MARKET. I plan to DD and start sending emails and letters to congressman and women, plan to turn in Robinhood to BBB and whoever else as kinda a form of grievance to show I’ve tried to exhaust all avenues of resolution …. Idk this is starting to be rambling so I’ma bounce, but God bless buy hodl