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  • NuclearSquirrel

    July 6, 2021 at 1:59 am

    I watch Lou from time to time when I just want to laugh, but keep something in perspective here people. When there is someone out there who has a channel and takes superchats (Im not shillin for anyone btw). Who provides decent explanations of situations, Tech. Analysis and has a stake in the play, why you going to hate on them. you can watch their channel or dont and you can watch their channel for free anyway. You dont have to become a member or pay for a superchat. They could just as easily be in the play and make money without wasting their time, trying to help out others who arent as savvy about investing. Remeber alot of the people helping me and you out are FOMO buyers who dont do DD and need someone to talk em through this. Thats what I love about Gabe at the end of the day even though I do all my homework when I get stressed he’s the calming voice of reason. But to hate on others that go that next step forward doesnt make sense. If ya dont like some ones channel dont watch. If ya dont wanna pay for a super chat dont! Its not that fucking hard guys. but too waste time debating whos got the better info or who you think is good or bad for the community, stop that shit already. Thats division at its core, just do you and enjoy the ride. Cause in the end its your money and youll only have yourself to blame or congratulate. I plan on breaking my arm patting MYSELF on the back when this is all said and done. That said I love all the Diamond Handend Apes out there and wish you all the best of luck.