For Apes By Apes! When the Moon Is The Only Vacation That Matters!

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  • Natedubb

    July 5, 2021 at 4:44 pm

    Good job! Look if a person isn’t in this to hold, I feel like their in the wrong sandbox. I could go on for an hour ranting about how these fat cats take advantage of us, BUT the reality is we bought, held and bought the dips…. We aren’t going anywhere and the world sees it. I pray EVERY SINGLE Ape is oh so wise and careful after it all. I want to see this shift in wealth happen and I want to see it flourish, I want apes baby apes and their baby baby apes to be alright from all this. God bless and thanks for the the comment. I love bouncing thoughts of othersl, another beautiful bonus from this movement ~ the connections. 🦍🙈🐒🦧🗜️🏦🍌🍌🍌