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  • Syed

    July 5, 2021 at 2:06 am

    Let me be honest here. I do believe this has the potential to reach $100,000 but that would be only possible if every ape holds. That won’t be the case because there will be selling taking place every couple of dollars. In my theory, $2,500 was realistic to me back in May. But after all the fuckery that has been done to the stock, the short ladder attacks and apes just seem to buy the dip instead of selling. I now believe we will go beyond at least $5,000 per share. 10k – 15k will be achievable and apes will hold because everyone wants life-changing money. The only thing that the hedge funds have done in the month of May and June is they created more diamond hands and made apes stronger and gave them control over their emotions. By this point, most of the paper hands are already out of the game. 10-15k will be achievable. Love all you apes and see you on the moon!