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  • robodrill

    July 2, 2021 at 11:29 pm

    DD from Stockgrid IO suggests they are buying in the dark pool. They have bought 620 million more shares (by volume) than they have sold in the dark pool. You cannot have a buy without a sale unless a market-maker is selling non-existent sales. It cannot be volume, but shares, because volume sugests the shares are being traded back and forth, but these are shares bought that excede 620 million more than are sold.

    If they aren’t being sold on the dark pool, and they are not being used to cover, then they are being held (why) or are being sold on the exchange to drive the price down.

    This means thery have sold and must reconcile an amount of shares greater than the total number of legitimate shares in the entire company.

    They have to buy them from the people they sold them to before they can even touch the shorts they have had to cover from borrowed shares.

    It is possible that apes have more than 100 percent of the shares than exist in the real world. Every ape has the ability to hodl by himself, and get what he wants.

    it seems to me, anyway.