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  • Curunir

    June 30, 2021 at 6:42 pm

    As for your post-squeeze ideas, dividend stocks are a popular idea. Some other things I’ve seen suggested: Buy something like a multi-family home (or two) as a rental; buying or investing in a franchise business; picking up some safe well performing long term stocks ( Apple, MicroSoft, etc.); picking up some Bitcoin during this dip.

    LOTS more. A financial planner could help you with ideas to help keep your money growing and working for you long-term as well as some tax issues. But remember this movement taught us that the final decision is OURS. We’ve seen that a lot of the traditional “advisors” that people turn to daily are really mouthpieces for where Big Money wants them to point people. Listen to the advice of professionals but be sure you are comfortable with all decisions.

    I’m sure this place and a few others are going to be great sources to discuss ideas when the time comes.