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  • CrayonMuncher

    June 8, 2021 at 8:35 pm

    Before the knee jerk reaction of “shill” and “FUD” start popping up in this chain, and just asking out of curiosity, has anyone checked out citadel being in clov? From what I found:

    Their 13F on fintel https://fintel.io/so/us/clov shows they have calls and puts but as far as shares go, they are sitting on 513,775. Other funds have more, others have less. And the filing date is as of 5/21/2021, so they were already long on CLOV before now anyway.

    By law, if any investor holds over 5% of the company, they have to file a 13D. Citadel isn’t on the 13D for CLOV.

    An investor that does have over 5% on CLOV is Vanguard (at 26,185,529 shares) and they have many filings on the 13F report. So in essence, Vanguard has more power and influence over CLOV than Citadel does.

    Vanguard is also on the 13D filing on AMC https://fintel.io/so/us/amc but show 7,664,955 shares and multiple 13F fillings.

    Nobody seems to be raising alarms about Vanguard even though they are holding both CLOV and AMC and have over 5% of both companies. Just because the evil Citadel takes a long position in a company doesn’t mean everyone has to pull out of that company. What if Citadel took long positions in Tesla, Apple, Amazon, etc?

    The argument can be made that Vanguard is different because they don’t handle order flow like Citadel does. True. But if Vanguard wanted to dump shares or lend them to shorters, they could.

    And to be clear, this post isn’t about stealing thunder from AMC and putting it into CLOV or anywhere else. It’s just a fact check post rather than passing on hearsay. Anyone is free to ride only the AMC train or dabble in other plays with their own money. I’m not telling anyone how to invest their money.

    Margin accounts don’t have to get converted to cash accounts to stop shares from being lent. Yes, converting it does have the effect of stopping share lending, but margin accounts also have the ability to stay margin but have the share lending turned off (depends on the broker so do some DD).

    *** this is not a flame post, let’s all just please stick to facts ***

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