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  • vanclvg

    June 8, 2021 at 6:38 pm

    I’ve seen a LOT of hate towards Lou but honestly i don’t understand any of it. yeah, he’s not PC, big whoop, the guy is 50 and from NY, what do you expect? he’s a lot more raw than a lot of other people on YT, and has been on the street longer than most of our fav ape YTubers have been alive. i’ll admit i’m only 20, but i will say that i know experience when i see it. for me, guys like Trey and Matt represent the newer retail investor, and people like RewiewDork and Lou are guiding lights i look to as far as experience and sheer knowledge. lou’s knowledge specifically of what’s been going on behind the scenes has been extremely insightful and helpful to a lot of people, including myself, who are new to the trading world.

    i can’t say i can judge Lou based off of his comment section either, that’s not something he can control. based on his videos, and i have watched EVERY ONE (you can probably see my comments on his past vids too)i don’t think he’s FUD, i don’t think he’s being destructive to the community, and i definitely don’t think he’s scamming anyone. to all of the people mad that he said CLOV was another play, the community was ASKING him what his post-squeeze plays were. not once in the video that he said clov was his other play did he suggest people sell AMC or buy CLOV instead of AMC. it’s just another play for people who want to have their eggs in multiple baskets, or more fittingly, their hands in multiple squeezes. for me, i’ll stay focused on AMC regardless of what someone on YouTube says.