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  • Curunir

    June 8, 2021 at 2:49 pm

    CLOV has been a roller coaster all year. I’ve made some GOOD chunks of money swinging it for a week or two at times since Jan. When I miss the peak and it’s dropped I just sucked it up that I missed the pump that time and held it until it came back. It’s more like a cyclic pump and dump than anything else.

    The simple fact though that MSM is talking about it is enough for me to know it’s being pushed as a distraction. Nothing new happened with CLOV except for the MSM hype and when the MSM points at something (not just stock…but ANYTHING) I usually turn around and see what they are NOT pointing at to know the truth.

    If you invest $100 in AMC or $100 in CLOV my personal opinion is that you have a higher chance of ending up with either $10,000 in AMC or $25 in CLOV at the end of the day. CLOV is a relationship that will give you an amazing night some times and leave you alone at the bar the next, so just be ready for that behaviour if you want to play with it.