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  • Justice4All

    June 7, 2021 at 4:31 pm

    Great question. My take on Lou is this. He is not who he claims he is. He stated at 14 he was a mail room boy or something and that is how he got started. Then he was flat broke fighting, like fight club, for money to get started again. It seems to me all his information is being fed to him. He has never logged on to a screen or showed any legit DD. He is just repeating what he has heard from someone else at a brokerage account. But who cares. The story line is the same for me. I hold, buy when I can, hold, and do my part to force the squeeze. If there are no more shares, the squeeze has to happen. If anyone sells for whatever reason, that is downward pressure and pressure relief for the Hedgies. Definitely not financial advice we all know why we are here and what the end game is.