For Apes By Apes! When the Moon Is The Only Vacation That Matters!

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  • HastaLaLuna

    June 7, 2021 at 2:14 pm

    Haha thanks for the astrology shout out.

    I agree with your view. They haven’t even started covering, so we aren’t even in squeeze territory yet IMO.

    I rarely look at my portfolio #’s because the roller coaster might shake my resolve.

    Instead, I look at the stock price — if it’s above the average of what I paid to get in (under $25 in my case) then I haven’t lost a cent. I’m in the green and getting greener with every day they refuse to cover their short positions and drag this thing out.

    I also just LOVE going from a 1 day view to a 6 month view since we first bought shares in January. I look at that pic and all I think is #winning

    The astrology also helps me ride the up & down — it’s eclipse season & a new moon this week, and Mercury’s still retrograde. So there will be fuckery, you may feel tired, and the astrologer Chani suggests taking breaks from media overload this week.

    Oh and new moons are always good for intention setting, so on Thursday’s New Moon I recommend envisioning the good you’ll do with that life changing money then you can ride the roller coaster 🎢 up to your envisioned intention.

    Good luck Apes.

    And yes – always do what’s best for you and your family – only YOU will know what to do and when to do it. Trust that. Trust yourself. We got this 💪🏽