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  • Curunir

    June 7, 2021 at 11:49 am

    I was starting to mess with Options back in Feb, using some of Matt’s cringy old videos and a couple other references. So I had an idea of what I was doing from a technical.

    Then in April when info was beginning to come out about how this may explode it seemed like mid-June was a safe target for $14. We were still < $9 at the time. I honestly was hoping we may be as high as $20 when the time comes and I’d roll them forward. Then all the catalysts started to align.

    My other big batch are 30 Calls @ $40 for the same day. If we’re hot enough (about $90) when I sell that batch I’ll exercise a few of those as well for the cheaper cost. Some of the remaining profit will be sent over to another trading account to buy real shares there. I’m going to mix these efforts because the MM behind my Calls would have already purchased to cover and therefore no additional buy pressure if I just exercise. But I also don’t want to loose out on some shares at $40 when new ones are going to cost 2x or more.

    And everything else goes into another set of calls a couple weeks out.

    Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

    -Sun Tzu