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  • Curunir

    June 6, 2021 at 6:52 pm

    How much of this fragmentation though is hedgie plant activity?

    Seriously, I don’t think ANY apes that have been around for months see Matt and Trey as anything other than positive guides. Anyone who thinks they are making so much off their merch or YT subs that it matters doesn’t know much about how those pay out. Trey would probably make more stripping once a week. 😜 And as for Matt, I bought one of his mugs because I was with him when YT labeled him as “Harmful and Dangerous” and closed him down. I’ve had so many friends shut down via YT and FB over the last couple years that it’s a badge of honor for some. I’m pretty happy with the mug.

    Matt plays it safe. He always has and he always will. He’s in the cross-hairs like DFV was and is not going to say anything that’s going to put him at risk. But he knows this has serious 5-figure potential. He tries to give good advice, always advocates for holding without actually making it “advice” and has some fun with it. And Trey? I’m surprised he puts himself out there as much as he does. I had a TS+ security clearance in the military and wouldn’t have done anything like he does to risk it. But Trey absolutely believes in this cause and the Ape community. Anyone saying otherwise is probably a FUD seed and nothing more.

    TMI, STV, ReviewDork all have their opinions too. I’ve heard good arguments from each on different sides of the same topic (such as the new shares). All just armchair strategy. Maybe something slowed us down, maybe it helped, maybe it was neutral. All just opinion. The common thing though is all of them continue to have faith in the squeeze, continue to have positive support for the community and continue to give the same common message ( hold, buy the dip if you can). So if one person has an opinion someone doesn’t agree with, who cares. No part of the universe cares about or is impacted by anyone’s personal opinions. If a viewer only wants yes-man logic then find a streamer that thinks like you and follow them. I’d rather listen to six different people that may have three different views on the same topic and make my own decision.

    Now as for BAM & Lou…I’ll reserve judgement until after.

    BAM may be on to something but any model of human behavior is problematic. He even talks about how it is more accurate as you zoom back out and that makes complete sense. There are AI being used to help develop risk models for insurance that are making massive impact in the industry (first hand understanding). There are AI for weather modeling that is light years ahead of the old human-charting efforts. But each of these work best at higher levels too. With more time and data BAM may have something very solid and he may have more faith in it than is deserved at this stage, but that doesn’t mean the concept is a fraud. Again, give it time and see.

    Lou is Lou. He’s entertaining but no clue any more which side and direction he’s on.

    Everyone should use their own judgement. But if you’re newish or you’re in doubt on Trey and Matt, go back and watch some of their videos from months ago. Make your own decision. If you think they’re FUD just ignore them.

    This bickering is just going to get worse as the enemy pushes more FUD in front of the newer people and subverts groups with bots and plants. Smile and nod alot and wait for $50k.