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  • Curunir

    June 6, 2021 at 6:29 pm

    Part of it may be from being involved for months, few people (comparatively) with faith that something really wrong and illegal was being done, and that this could be a solid ticket to change both for our lives and the market in general.

    Now suddenly there is some momentum building. There is discussion among the general public. There are stronger attacks against us. There are more aggressive media actions taken against us. There are government steps being taken to push the burden back towards the bad actors. There are financial institutions taking steps to buffer themselves from the actions of the hedgies. There is a steady history over the last couple weeks of real and sustained growth in the stock value, where we fighting to break $9 for what felt like forever, then were being beaten down from breaking $14 for weeks more. There are more less than tangible things too.

    So agree that there’s a “feeling” that we’re building to a momentum for this coming week. But I would say a lot of that is simply the brain processing all of the positive and very real signs. There isn’t any one thing specifically but enough.

    It’s going to be another good week (yes, I consider the last couple weeks very good too even if I wanted them to be better).