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  • CrayonMuncher

    June 6, 2021 at 3:38 am

    Allright everyone, the shit is getting real.

    Melissa Lee’s fumble on CNBC…. epic!!!! That actually works in our favor, but the rest of this stuff does not:

    • Apparently there were some strange computer glitches during Trey’s interview with BAM and it’s causing tension (I didn’t watch, just see it blowing up on reddit right now)
    • BAM is getting exposed as a fraud on Charlie’s Vids channel
    • Say what you want about Lou (everyone is entitled to their opinion)
    • Trey and Matt are taking heat for being perceived as bought and paid for, misdirecting their audience, and taking their money
    • TMI ruffled some feathers in the community with his opinion after the latest stock offerings from AA

    Bottom line, the community is starting to fragment. Yes, hedge funds could be running their psyops campaigns but it also doesn’t help that the community is imploding from their own missteps as well. The hedgies actually don’t have to do too much if you think about it. The community is doing a pretty good job of causing their own problems and we could kill this thing before it even gets off the ground. Not knocking anyone for their age, but the landscape of the main youtubers is made up of those that are still very young with very little life/trading experience, so they could be more susceptible to getting taken advantage of.

    With that said, since they are going to keep the constant stream of putting out videos, the best thing we can do is slow ourselves down and run things through our own bullshit detector and take pieces that help us form better decisions and throw out the rest. All of them can be right on some things and also be wrong.


    Don’t be quick to judge others and flame them.

    Most importantly, don’t let it take over you. So far this community has been good but it has the potential to get out of hand too if we start taking sides and attacking each other, especially as more people come to this forum.

    Should we be able to have discussions, challenge ideas, dig deeper into things, expose the bad, emphasize the good, prove DD? Absolutely! But let’s not let it divide us. I’m not saying we all have to agree on everything, nor should we, but we can’t lose focus on why we are here and let our emotions take over.

    Keep your eyes on the prize….. the squeeze. Buy and hold, simple as that. The rest is just noise. Take care of yourself and your fellow ape. We need each other to make this thing happen.