For Apes By Apes! When the Moon Is The Only Vacation That Matters!

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  • robodrill

    June 5, 2021 at 1:25 pm

    This post comes from a leftist world-view. A fire-fighter married to a teacher are in the one percent. World-wide, the fact you can access and post on a computer puts you in the one percent.

    Apes are the capitalists. They are not anti-capitalists. The hedgies are the ones trying to privatize gains and socialize losses. Big money loves collectivism. If corporations had their way there would be absolute collectivism with them making the rules. Just take a look at any corporate website and you will see all of the left’s talking points.

    AMC is a rare opportunity. All this guy says is to HODL HODL HODL. When you finally get your tendies, however, you have to decide what to do with them. It is true that anyone invested in a market-wide fund over the long term will see their investment double every ten years. A good money manager can get that down to six years.

    Retail investors choosing stocks generally lose money compared to the financial manager model.

    Perhaps another AMC will develop. But do not YOLO your AMC tendies. Remember the last ‘o’ in “YOLO” is “ONCE”. Protect your tendies. Then use a part of them for the next hge opportunity without risking the main portion of them.

    His advice is reasonable and sound.

    By the way, when you get your tendies and are in the one percent, do you suddenly become evil as well, or is it just the rest of us who will gain evil status? I would suggest to you that there are good people at every level of wealth.