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  • blue-moves

    June 5, 2021 at 9:21 am

    @Prestonius – Hey man, sorry, I didn’t mean to rubbish your idea.. I don’t actually know for sure that we’d be better off in this situation if Hedgie doesn’t know our true numbers.. (maybe it doesn’t matter either way?)

    Hopefully some more qualified ape brain can come in here and say whether the enemy knowing our hand would help us or hinder us (I mean, we all know that our forums are one of the enemy’s sources for gathering their ‘intelligence’ on our strategies – and my thought was shouldn’t we “poker face”? you know, appear weak when you know you’re strong blah blah)

    Maybe that’s not the best tactic at this point – in THIS situation?? I don’t know?!

    It’s just that it USUALLY is 😀

    Anyway, we apes for each other so be blessed my brother. ✊🦍✊