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  • Billyillyilly

    June 5, 2021 at 6:57 am

    I’ve been asking the same question. I asked on r/amcstock and on Jeff Forbes discord (yes I’m a member) and nobody would answer me. I’ve done s little digging hoping to find answers and I’ve come up with nothing that even hints at how it’s handled. The best guess I have is it’ll be handled like every other insurance claim, they’ll drag their feet as long as possible hoping people will settle for less. Then after a couple of years, you can get a quarter of what you’re owed and be happy that you finally get paid. I personality don’t trust anything the government gets involved in but I also hate the establishment that we are all slaves to. I want to see the hedgies burn. So, I’ve put together 4 plans. Lou said to know your 3 numbers. I added a 4th. What happens if you say fuck it, let it ride till the end and sell on the way down. Get tangled up in the mother of all insurance debacles (MOAID). We’ll, I’m already poor and working. So I’ll have to work for 2 more years. FUCK IT. What do I have to lose?