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  • Amcamatic

    June 20, 2021 at 6:44 pm

    Here is my 2 cents on behalf on AMC and its ongoings in the social, in the market and such as. Not trying to be to funny here on out but I guess you have to bare with me here.

    There are quite some issues addressed by tubers and dd takes its rounds through all of our smooth brains. What seems like a coordinated attack on all of this; and I confess Im in a bubble where it doesn’t affect me or even reaches to, anymore, I must say, may well be one. Older apefolks may tell a tale of spins and memos read out loud across multiple channels, orchestrated hypes of the past, senseless apologetics on all institutional channels.

    This made us then, it makes us now and the reality we live in. Us, them, those, thee, it goes way back. On behalf of our foreapes and forapesines we could argue we are meant to do this. Well we are. That can and probably is what nurture and our nature dictates.

    In the least tactical sense though there may be hurdles which we haven’t taken yet, those of which would have made this even more of a spacecakewalk. All our lives are shaped by stories, jokes, tales, narratives aka history. Within some social exchanges there are common myths which are sometimes shared worldwide, but to a different degree and to a different time just to top it all of with a different connotation. It is easy to miss each other with references and knowledge in the same room by minutes and still miss. The one thing which brings these misses to the clinic is storytelling, theater, music, things every ape understands. And then there is cinema: a lens, an objective and in its infancy a projection on canvas, of life as it is. Now, and from then on, every possible constellation of narratives, mixed or copied, incl. science fiction has filled a void which we didn’t know we had. Logically we reference the “cinematic universe” as that one thing. Where it all takes place before it is in our heads and shaping our narrative, before it gets launched into said universe, is in the cinemas. Apes, not saying that this is where it is at, but you get the idea. Roman coloseums, Kabuki of Japan, speakers corner London, Platos (experimental, hypothetical) projection of shadows in ancient greece, stages in parks and powerpoint-karaoke (jk), it is all there and here to stay. I heard a 60 year old women say she is going to see the group KISS in! concert!. She can hardly walk and is not a hippie, just to conclude, nothing else can substitute that experience she is looking towards, ever. Cassettes didn't, not LP's, neither CD's, nor the telly or radio.<br></p><p>There are however obstacles, not too high ones but already hegemony itself is such a smooth no brainer that it could fall in the apes-community-jurisdiction. Thatll tend to bend the diction we are having towards a cause or two. The argument for one; that I tried to explain above, is such that it dictates a much stronger position OF a sTOnk that OWNS MOST OF the cinemas (theaters, stages, canvases, projectory aparatuses) in a huge region of the planet of ours. Just so seemingly this should be, could, ought to be enough to have our cause valued much, much higher.

    The second obstacle is more a direct one. If feared Id loose some billions I might bring one to try to fight for the other ones, to the forefront. There was a time when quantum wasn't a thing anywhere but in some physics experiments. We had crawlers who sifted through the interwebs and it was very awkward, even finding stuff you looked for was. A statistics formula or two could do wonders back then too, but now, with social media and so on, this is Dr. Sherlock (I know he has no Dr., Watson does) on roids and Supermans glasses on (I know), and with Warpspeed like Lukes mother when she and Yoda...shenanigans....but I digress. When was the last time you logged into or out of: ...insert website...? how much time did you spend there? Which cat did you like the most? Id have to ask someone who knows. Have a guess who that is youd have to ask. But you are right, who are we kidding? There is nothing to be done in that regard, it is just a reminder of sorts, because it is apes in apefashion doing apethings for an apecause and thats what brought me here….

    There is much of our “reality” that ought to be and should be corrected, in such a way that it sin’ t a myth in the future. A villain cannot prevail. He can get away with some but not with all of them dirty deeds. Remember that Capone got busted on taxes, because he had no HF with a P.O.box in Lichtenstein where he wouldn’t have had to pay any. So it isn’t so much a thing of retail vs. HF but also how do I pay more taxes than a billionaire? Wouldn’t I start an artistic writing class in a garage with that money, who knows!?

    I won`t add the list of shenanigans that put smart money in a pole-position for everything you could name. It would be bananas.

    Thank’ s for your patience, play your cards right, tldr I know!

    Hanuman loves ya and so do I

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