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  • Smooth 🧠 Creates Google Sheet to track your AMC across multiple brokers

     mino updated 1 year, 4 months ago 2 Members · 3 Posts
  • mino

    May 12, 2021 at 2:00 am

    I have AMC stock in Webull and Fidelity so I built a little Google Sheet to help me keep track of what’s what – I’m a smooth 🧠 after all.

    I made it so I can bring all of my data under one place and help me decide and track my sell-off. Again, don’t worry I’m holding for the moon.


    Open the link below then click File > Make a Copy to save it to your Google Drive.


    <strong style=”font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit;”>WHAT TO DO

    Click the tabs at the bottom to move about…

    Action Chart lets you see what you’ll make at various share price points. It pulls in the current price every 15-20 minutes and adjusts its position. The columns after Note give you a snapshot of your total value, return %, and profit across all accounts. I’ve also created three columns for each broker account you have.

    Buys is there for you to input your broker(s), number of shares purchased, and avg price. It’ll take care of the rest. If you need to add or remove brokers then this gets a bit more tricky to edit but I bet some wrinkle 🧠in here can figure it out.

    Sells is there when it comes time to sell. I don’t know about you but my strategy is probably going to be selling off in chunks at various price points (on the moon 🌕of course) so I want to track it.

    Earnings is where you’ll bask in all of this newfound wealth

    Make it your own, improve it, and let me know if I messed up something in that math. If you have questions I’ll do my best to answer them here.

    Also, I would love to post this on Reddit but I don’t have any Karma and the r/amcstock mods won’t let me post. I’m glad there is another outlet to share for those that prefer to observe Reddit 🙂

  • Curunir

    May 12, 2021 at 9:31 am

    Awesome and beautiful. You rock for sharing!

    I’m a programmer but have only ever been in the “enough to get in trouble” skill level with spreadsheets. So my attempt at something similar I started a couple months ago was hella more manual on my side.

    My only addition I may offer up for you to improve on if you want are the estimated tax calculations.

    In the US there are just a few basic tiers for short term gain gains at the Federal level and it’s a pretty easy formula.


    What I have for example (L column being the profit at different price points) are:


    So it gives something like this:
    Price Profit Tax Net
    $5,000 $9,970,000 $3,651,885 $6,318,115
    Personally I think seeing the tax and net estimates right there with the gross potential helps soften the blow for when it comes.

    <google-sheets-html-origin></google-sheets-html-origin>This was awesome of you to share and hope to buy you a beverage of choice sometime as a thanks.

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  • mino

    May 12, 2021 at 10:18 am

    Thank you and YES for adding rough tax calculations. I started down this road but stopped so I could take some time to better understand it. What I’d love to add would be a way to:

    1) Designate which broker/accounts are taxable and which are note e.g. IRA and factor that into tax calculations per broker
    2) Input tax filing info – income/filing status… this might not be needed if it moons to 100k per share 😉
    3) Determine taxes based on short/long term gains… this might also not be necessary since most of us probably fall in the former unless you bought this at the start of the pandemic or earlier.

    Then again – a simple calculation on Federal level might be all that’s needed to keep us in check a bit – knowing that we’ll owe more depending on what state.

    Thanks for the links – I’ll check this out and let you know if I’m able to update the sheet. If you, or anyone here, wants to take that on please share!

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