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  • Morefaith1

    June 30, 2021 at 10:38 pm

    I got a log cabin in 2009 free and clear after a sucky divorce. How? My attorney informed me my ex husband put the house on the short sale market but the second mortgage paid for the cabin, so did I want the cabin free & clear or the house underwater in the settlement?

    I took the damn log cabin.

    It pissed me off for a day that I lost my house but I never regretted that decision.

    So, Warren Buffet refers to the act of buying synthetic shares as crooked just as much as manipulating the market with synthetics.

    Are we really crooks?

    AND Apparently Lehman Bruhs took 10 years to close their naked short positions. Just think about that…

    The federal government bailed them out.

    ALSO, The SEC contradicted itself back in the 2009 housing crash by saying it had to ‘forgive’ the synthetics in the system otherwise those synthetics would crash the system.

    Peace and love ruled the world.

    Only intense public pressure forced them to create the threshold

    ‘list ‘ !

    So how are you going to spend your bananas ?

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