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  • MAJOR price action potential June 24th FULL MOON!

     Sikh_Jedi updated 1 year, 3 months ago 2 Members · 3 Posts
  • Sikh_Jedi

    June 10, 2021 at 12:02 pm


    In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that there may be a squeeze on the Full Moon of May 24th due to an increase in volume (full moons bring an explosive psychology to human nature). Well, It wasn’t the MOAS, but I was right on the money with the date and time, and we experienced a Gamma Squeeze. It was sweet, but no MOAS. However, that being said, I wanted to reiterate this notion that there tends to be more volume around Full Moons for AMC. Depending on a stocks general sentiment, Bulls or Bears can often effect a stock in a major way around a full moon (depending on the stocks volatility).

    <font face=”inherit”>When looking at AMC, we are primed for one of histories greatest squeezes and a </font>levelling<font face=”inherit”> of the financial markets due to illegal practices and stock price </font>manipulation<font face=”inherit”> . The </font><b style=”font-family: inherit;”>Full Moon approaching this month on June 24th, 2021<font face=”inherit”>, may include some major price action and who knows what else. All I can say is that we have a lot of good things on our side right now, and holding is paramount. We’re all tired today (New moon = low energy). </font>Let’s<font face=”inherit”> just be patience and see what the end of this month has in store for us. We all know something amazing is on the verge of happening. It takes each of us APES to hold and see this through. Yea we’re tired, but nothing worth achieving comes without some effort or sweat. Lets do this guys. BUY (if you can) and HOLD. If it </font>takes<font face=”inherit”> </font>longer<font face=”inherit”> than </font>this<font face=”inherit”> </font>month<font face=”inherit”>, so be it. It will be worth it. I just want to make sure people are aware there is data that </font>correlates<font face=”inherit”> to the </font>cycles<font face=”inherit”> of the New and Full moon. We </font>should<font face=”inherit”> harness this knowledge for our benefit (I heard some </font>major<font face=”inherit”> hedge funds </font>utilize<font face=”inherit”> this knowledge to their </font>advantage<font face=”inherit”> secretly).</font>

    I truly believe the Universe is on outside. This is a manifestation of a need for reconciliation in the financial markets and a transfer of wealth to the lower and middle class people of the world. This wealth WILL BE SHARED. And there is no better time for WE the PEOPLE to prosper and make this world a better place. LETS HOLD!

  • HastaLaLuna

    June 10, 2021 at 10:37 pm

    You’re speaking my language (check out my Astrology for Apes thread).

    Tonight is a new moon — perfect for intention setting in anticipation of full moon blessings.

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