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  • I would really like to hear from some of you experienced apes on this

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  • MikeSkillz

    June 12, 2021 at 12:31 pm

    Hey Apes,

    So, I wanted to reach out to you all because I have a mentor that has taught me a lot. He is a 80 year old successful man with a lot of knowledge. I had to really convince him as to what was going on. The way I was able to get him on board with just the idea was sending him the interview with Wes Christian. This made his eyes open. We have discussed everything over the years from wall street to the fed to WW1 ect….
    We have always discussed the market collapse and we both know something has to give. I’m pretty sure you can get behind this ideology.

    So to just shorten this up a little bit. He believes that this will be part of many catalysts to break our country economically and socially. He also believes that wall street and the feds will not allow this stock to moon. This really pisses me off, as us apes are in this for the same thing. It’s not just the money, it’s the movement, it’s the ability for my kids to be able to invest one day and make a percentage on their money. Level out the playing field, but let’s not kid ourselves though. Without knowing this thing will squeeze 85 percent of people wouldn’t be in this play. We have discussed that the SEC could shut down the market for trading or even just AMC as it moons. They could say it’s because of technical BS or fraudulent behavior or anything they could do to prevent it from mooning.
    What are your thoughts on this? I run pizza shops and that’s my expertise. I just started learning about stocks and it seems like you all would be wise towards the question at hand.
    Thanks all and I hope to hear from ya. I wouldn’t be surprised if you just don’t know. It’s a tough one. Just wanted to hear other Silverbacks thoughts on this

  • Anonymous

    Deleted User
    June 12, 2021 at 6:15 pm

    And maybe they won’t let it happen, but I’ll be locked, and loaded if they do.

    Some will think we’re really lucky. The truth is we’re really prepared.

    • MikeSkillz

      June 12, 2021 at 7:09 pm

      I think we need to make this known 💪. So if they get any ideas, they know we’re prepared. They need to understand the people have had enough of their shit.

  • APE_Steven

    June 12, 2021 at 10:58 pm

    Unless the SEC has the opportunity to make money I don’t see them stopping a squeeze.

    If they did stand to profit in some way it would be collusion, thus not a smooth move for SEC since they’re under the spotlight of social media and news media at the moment.

  • Roger_Lahrue

    June 13, 2021 at 7:11 am

    I agree with your mentor.

    The SEC will step in a shut this thing

    Not at first.

    They will let this thing try to figure
    itself out on the open market.

    If everyone sells at $500 bucks well
    then its a closed case and thats the end of that.

    But we are not going to sell at $500,
    and I think they know that.

    But many will sell.

    But not enough will sell.

    And if we all hodl to $100,000 and we
    own the float at 80% and thats 400,000,000 shares X $100000 =
    Hundreds of billions JUST for AMC..

    When this fires off, ALL the Meme
    stocks will explode at the same time!

    GME, BBY, SNDL, CLOV, NAKD, there are
    more than these, I can just rattle off these.


    And remember, we will be taking that
    money from someone..

    If you go read the history of short
    squeezes that could not be fixed on the open market


    The government steps in and settles the

    Now the game has changed, they will
    have to settle with 3.2 million apes..

    How they can possibly settle with 3.2
    million Apes is beyond me, and I don’t think we will be willing to
    settle.. so now what?

    The SEC will come up with some bullshit
    reason this is all illegal. People will be arrested, fines sent out,
    assets will be raided, companies will be folded JUSTICE will be

    The game is always rigged in favor of
    the rich and powerful. They are not going to let us take all their
    money. They just won’t.

    Not to mention that they can’t let the
    market collapse.

    I do want to add, that is not just
    money from the rich and hedge funds we will be taking.

    Pension funds are tied to this, bank
    funds, companies 401k’s, personal IRA’s

    Hedge funds have to liquidate their
    holdings to pay for this.. the price of stocks will drop and millions
    of people will feel the bite of this.

    What I believe is that this will be the
    mother of all short squeezes, and yes the price will explode into the
    atmosphere, this will be the SEC allowing this to settle on the open
    market, collapse the hedge funds and keep the integrity of the US
    stock market,

    But at some number.. they will step in
    and pull the plug.

    De-listing for fraudulent activity
    comes to mind real quick, go look at Overstock.com’s story where
    there is still legal things going on over that short squeeze.

    In summary, I agree with your mentor,
    I’m old. I understand, much like him, that the world is rigged. I
    also understand very well what has happened, and why in theory 100K
    or even 500K is possible.

    It absolutely is possible.. in theory.

    I believe that the SEC will intervene
    as they have in past and shut this down.

    What’s happening is illegal, Naked
    shorting is illegal! They have all the reasons they need to step in
    and protect the market.

    I know you are wondering what number I
    am thinking.. In truth I wish, and hope, and pray that it’s deep into
    the tens of thousands.. 20K, 30K

    Volkswagen broke $1,000 a share.. and
    recently an oil company broke $15000 (by mistake if you go look it

    Amazon trades at $1900

    Lindt Chocolate trades at 10,000

    So.. thousands are very possible as its
    numbers the market can handle, but over 10K I think the air will get
    very thin very fast.

    I really hope this ages poorly and AMC
    did go to the moon,


    June 13, 2021 at 11:58 am

    I believe they will try every tactic they can possibly throw at us in hopes we sell our majority stake and lose the float, thus allowing the hedgies to cover enough of their positions to temporarily halt the squeeze. I know this because it’s exactly what played out for us in GME on January 27th when they had completely lost the war at closing on the 26th and the stock breached $500 after hours. I woke up at 3am EST on the morning of the 27th because I was so nervous and excited like a kid on Christmas morning. All technical analysis and fundamentals meant nothing anymore as we were in uncharted territory at this point, it was basically name your own price until those arrogant pricks cover and admit defeat. I fully anticipated by closing on January 27th I’d be a multi millionaire on paper, all it needed to do was hit 700 and my dreams were reality. And then Robinhood happened and killed everything for us, it threw a wet blanket over the fire that was raging with this community of anonymous like minded retail traders that loved that stock, and hated scumbag hedgies that enjoyed bankrupting companies that didn’t deserve to be bankrupt, who were hurting because of the pandemic, and who employed over 20,000 hard working folks going through the same uncertainties as all of us. GME was no ENRON, they weren’t doing anything nefarious and their numbers were actually not too bad considering what they were going through. Before that day I had never witnessed such a clear intent to manipulate the market as we saw with the combined efforts of the brokerages, exchanges, prime brokers, hedgies, clearing houses, government, and mainstream media. All in coordination to silence retail traders and keep us on the dumb side of money where we belonged in their minds. Well, I’m sure you can gather I didn’t quite make it to the million yet. But I’m knocking on the door now, as I also bought a bunch of AMC at $4 in late January when everybody was buying options and shares in all the so called “meme” stocks at that time. The only ones I held onto wear GME and AMC and they are the only stocks I truly believe are still ripe to be squeezed very, very soon.

    As far as your question about when or will the SEC step in and stop these squeezes; I personally believe they will do something once the feeding frenzy does begin to cascade downwards and starts trickling into their darling FAANG stocks and the massive blue chips once it starts effecting them. these hedge funds hold massive quantities of these blue chips in their funds and will eventually have to sell their positions in those stocks to stay above water. These hedge funds also hold a lot of pensions for teachers unions, and police/firefighters pensions, state workers and many more. So I’m guessing certain government entities will eventually put an end to our fun and investigate how this could be happening if these hedgies said they covered these positions months before. I don’t think these squeezes would collapse the entire market as some have suggested, but I do think it will be a wake up call for government and the financial world and they’ll finally see what we have always known. The difference in sentiment and support we have this time is paramount to how long the SEC allow it to squeeze before they feel obligated to step in. Back In January the mainstream media would never take our side or dare to mention such words as “naked shorts” on a public broadcast. In many ways I believe we were shut down because we embarrassed Wall St. and the government by exposing dirty secrets that they thought they’d be able to carry on forever. And when Congress started taking notice and billionaires like Chamath and Cuban and Elon started praising our movement and asking how is it possible for the SEC to allow a company to be shorted 140%, this is when the tides started to turn our way more and more. So, I think once this thing goes completely off the rails the SEC are going to sit on their hands and let us hammer the final nails in the citadel/melvin coffins to prove a point and make sure other hedgies are put on notice to not always look the gift horse in the mouth, because they won’t come to their rescue every single time like they’ve done in their past fuck ups. But in my opinion, all this nonsense we keep hearing people talk about with AMC to 100k or 500k is just silly. Just ask yourself one question; if we bleed hedgies so dry that they have to file for bankruptcy, and we are all of a sudden holding these obviously overvalued companies at 100k or 500k, how the hell, and who the hell will we sell them to in order to make that profit lol? Sure, we’ll all be rolling like pigs in shit when we look at our brokerage accounts, but that money is only realized when you sell it someone who thinks that’s an acceptable price to pay for your stock. I can’t think of one single person that would purchase your AMC stock at 100k. Furthermore, that would mean AMC as a company would be worth trillions and trillions of dollars lol. I mean, I like the movies as much as the next person; but for that price I better become the movie and actually be an astronaut on Apollo 11 instead of sitting in a sticky seat and yelling at “talking on his phone guy” in front of me. Realistically, I think they’ll allow it to get to around $1000 or just a tad bit under before they shut it down on us. SEC will let us have some fun for a little bit, and stick it to the hedgies just enough to prove there’s and ours point. And to be honest 1k a share is going to change a lot of peoples lives for the better. So, no it’s not going to bring down society, but it’s also never going to get completely out of control before they do step in. All just my opinion here.

  • KingAPE420

    June 13, 2021 at 11:59 am

    We hold because we have had enough. When I hear the Mnuchin STOLE 500BILLION of the PPP for COVID relief, it makes me mad as hell. When I hear that Elon Musk paid ZERO FEDERAL TAXES in 2018 and my family paid $39,000 in FED TAXES it pisses me off. ENOUGH. AMC needs to MOON THIS WEEK. ENOUGH TALK. FKC THEM, PAY ME! Let’s get after it.

  • Incoming_tendies

    June 13, 2021 at 1:19 pm

    I think it’s an important question. I think if the government or another entity stops us apes from getting our tendies again (like with GME), then your gonna have a lot of very angry apes. We’re invested in this. Not just for money, but personally, for the movement. The “dumb money” has been screwed for too long. We will have our tendies, or we will make (whoever) stops us pay another way. 🦍+🦍=💪🏻

  • Warring_Angel

    June 13, 2021 at 1:56 pm

    ReviewDork (whom created this site) made a vid a month ago about the fallacy waiting for AMC to moon before realizing any gains and I think it aligns with what your saying. The hedgies will go bankrupt way before 100k and if fed insurance needs to pick up the slack, it won’t matter if your portfolio says millions if it’s all tied up in litigation to the point that it can’t be realized.

    I trust the DD of many Apes is legit and by the numbers we should be able to go to 100-500K however we know the establishment cheats and will bend the rules in their own favor. They are in deeper than they expected however and have probably war gamed many scenarios including one where a squeeze of some type happens to appease retail investors and maintain the publics general trust in the market but caps off at an amount that won’t cascade the economy.

    Here’s the vid:


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