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  • Don’t give someone a gun…

     Curunir updated 1 year, 4 months ago 2 Members · 3 Posts
  • Curunir

    May 27, 2021 at 12:47 pm

    …unless you’re sure which way they will point it.

    This is something the hedgies should understand well. If there really is a FUD campaign to pull people in, push to $50 – $100 and then scare a sell off on Friday do they REALLY think that’s not going to backfire?

    I’ve seen some of the messages myself saying it’s going to peak on Friday and everyone should sell. I’m hearing people talk about that. I understand the dual reasons. (1) purge as many votes as possible before the count and (2) trick soft investors to sell early to help cover and push the price back down.

    But the Apes are not giving in for $100. Seriously, when we look at the calls going ITM at $40 we’re salivating at the mouth as it is such a trigger for the next stage. If they are actually working to spread FUD to get over $50 in hope that it will work out for them with a short term they are living in such a bubble.

    I’ve been in since Feb starting in the $6 range. I’m here to change my life and those of people I care about…not just have a little fun.

  • Bairoax

    May 27, 2021 at 3:37 pm

    you are right it gives confidences to people to buy in

  • Curunir

    May 27, 2021 at 6:48 pm

    First, I talk to my self a lot, so you can ignore this if you want.

    I’ve been thinking about this a bit while doing some running around today (loud music and winding roads are therapeutic). Intentionally driving a stock up to a “juicy” point and trying to trick selling is not a tactic I would see them doing tbh. It’s self defeating for one since as soon as that $40 line is crossed there are millions of shares that go ITM. That’s another major catalyst for the squeeze and I have to imagine they are hearing the Jaws theme every time they look at that number.

    Second, it’s a new and creative strategy and they have shown NO indications that they can change their game plan yet. We can be surprised by how much they keep doubling down, by how deep their pockets seem to be fighting this, etc. but in the end their tactics are the same so far.

    So why all the bots trying to generate excitement for $50 or $100 for tomorrow?

    Because they are planning to follow their same strategy of stunting the growth and then bar coding us the rest of the day. Say they get a lot of FOMO buyers to jump in thinking they will 2x or 4x their money and Apes to commit more into the game, prices are going up, we’re in the $30s and everyone’s excited. Then they pull out what may be their last major capital reserve and some of the same shit they’ve done already several times and they stunt the trend. End of the day we close at maybe $32.

    They barely absorbed any more ITM risk. Their bots and media pawns unload all their pre-made hit pieces on how the squeeze just happened and it was a flop. Same tactic and they will think that after the big weekend people may start looking at those gains they have in the $30s, and how the hedgies just can’t seem to be beaten, blah blah blah and come Tuesday people will start selling. They can’t imagine we’re stupid enough to keep doing this when they can keep stopping it. Same mentality, same goal. Slightly different approach.

    But same result. We’re not hurting every day. We already absorbed the cost and now we’re just ridding it and maybe even adding a little more here and there based on budget. They continue to bleed daily. And if it takes another week to get up to $40 that doesn’t matter to us much in the long run.

    Anyway…just talking this out. I’ve never studied an opponent like this before and the map and weapons are all still pretty new to me. Kinda enjoying the ride more than I thought I was going to tbh.

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