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  • Could Lou be on to something? Not sure how I feel about this

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  • CrayonMuncher

    May 29, 2021 at 5:30 pm

    I just watched this 5 times to have it really sink in and it gave me chills to think about the possibility if he is right. Ok, this probably sounds like a lot of tinfoil hat wearing theory so feel free to roast it, but think about it and tell me what you think.

    We’ve had the Great Depression, the Great Recession, rumors about a Great Reset……could this be the Great Transfer?

    • We know we will see amazing volatility both up an down with multiple halts
      along the way, just be prepared for that. Don’t fucking sell!!!!!!
    • If there wasn’t fuckery from certain bad actors after all and this was a
      rouge runaway machine glitch in the high frequency trading machines, can
      they put the genie back in the bottle? How does this alter the future
      course of the stock trading market?
    • Can the government step
      in (and should they/shouldn’t they)? All but one of the DTCC, SEC, OCC,
      and other new rules/regulations have been approved in a very short
      amount of time, which signals they’ve known about this at all levels of
      government for a while and are putting safety measures into place (go
      watch all the videos from Charlie and the vids….. a highly underrated
      channel). It also makes sense that this truly is a managed event and
      all of the youtuber line following and theories can all go out the
      window. The government knows they will have to take their finger off
      the dead man’s switch one day and let it play out. The next question
      though is how will they let it play out without breaking everything?

    The third bullet point is what has my mind racing and playing out future scenarios in both situations.

    Government steps in and slows/alters/halts trading

    Think about that one. They have every right to do so, but could putting out one fire trigger a shit storm of other fires? Could there be huge class action law suits from the private and institutional sector pouring in? Major litigation from other countries that invest in our markets could tie up billions for years. Will they save dollars from this fall out only to be spent defending law suits? Think about the potential loss of the amount of unrealized gains!!!

    Could they set a price target and close everyone out at that price in an effort to “hit a reset button”? What would be considered a “fair price target”? Who gets to set that price target? Some could say the SEC since this is their jurisdiction, but if this bubbled to a global economic level, that’s another story.

    Could our country and economy handle the size of black eye and damage to our reputation this will cause on us from this point forward if they don’t let it play out naturally? Can the stock market afford to lose even more trust and credibility by government interference?

    Brokerage intervention

    Could brokerages look out for themselves and step in with different ways of affecting buying and selling? We’ve seen RH and a few other’s buy button magically disappear before. Could all the players do it again and give bullshit excuses or claim it was for our economic security? Could they be scrambling right now to make changes their terms of service? Could they institute caps on share count/dollar amount buying and selling? Could they limit the number of transactions in a given trading day/week, etc.? This could sound like FUD and bullshit, I get that, but I also wouldn’t put it past them. I’m sure their heads have been having closed door meetings with other financial and government officials to plan this out. RH suffered massive hits to their bottom line when droves of people transferred to other brokers, but if the majority of them to it, who do we have left to transfer to?

    Bank intervention

    The dollar amounts that will be flowing through the financial pipes will be astronomical. Yes they have done stress tests, but how reliable can those models be for an event of this size that we have never seen happen before? Some banks are going to be sending out many billions of dollars to other banks but could also see billions more flowing in from others. Can they manage the volume with a low margin of error?

    There have been runs on banks in the past which have caused some to fold because they ran out of cash. If the distrust in our banking system grows and people decide to pull out cash to have on hand, how long will they let that go on before they shut down ATM’s, wire transfers, interfere with Zelle, Cash App, Square, Venmo, and other money management apps to essentially freeze money? We’ve been so accustomed to electronic banking that now we could be at the mercy of the corporations. Cash was, and will still always, be king.

    Shock waves through other markets

    If the high shorted stocks are also part of other derivatives and products, the good (or bad) effects could ripple through other markets, similar to the MBS’s of the housing crash. IRA’s, other ETF’s, retirements, pension plans, and anything else tied to them will feel the good and bad effects. T-bills, bonds, and other government backed securities will feel it in some way too. How could it effect gold, silver, and other precious metals?

    I’m sure this is just scratching the surface and there are much smarter people out there than me that have a better insight to this, but either way, there is no way around this and one of these days it is going to happen, so we need to buckle up. On one hand I want to YOLO this bitch, but on the other, my severe lack of trust in the SEC and other government arms makes me extra cautious.

    I’m just a dumb ape, what do I know? I’d like to hear other opinions though.

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    • This discussion was modified 1 year, 4 months ago by  CrayonMuncher.
  • Bgood

    May 29, 2021 at 5:56 pm

    Ive got no substance to add but I’m a pretty good with feeling people out. I love Lou. I think he’s genuine and wants the apes to win. He’s been right on point through this whole thing. Lou and Trey is who I watch. I like Gabe too 😂

  • Curunir

    May 29, 2021 at 6:59 pm

    I’m an INTJ and probably over-analyze too many things. Sadly I think my brain enjoys doing it. I went into Lou’s videos a while back with a pretty heavy level of skepticism.

    I was in a pretty “interesting” role in the military. I have been in the deep-end of Unix/Linux, networking, middleware and database for over 20 years and love it. Me and some of my best friends were the local “computer nerds” back in the late 80s and a couple of them I keep in touch with just may dabble in what is called the hacker community (believe me…not as cool as the movies make it seem). So, just as an ex-Army or Marine can see all the flaws in a combat movie or a lawyer probably rolls his eyes at any courtroom drama, I cringe or smile at a lot of things that touch areas I’m familiar with.

    Lou’s never set off alarms for me yet. What he has said that I am familiar with hasn’t been FULL information of course and I wish I could just sit across from him and hear the whole story. But whether he only has part of the story himself, or only wants to say a little bit since it’s up on YT, he hasn’t crossed a line that makes me call bullshit. At least yet.

    He and a few others have already been pointing out how the automation has been trading faster than we can and with very specific parameters to drive the price down at specific levels and then barcode the stock for hours at a time. It’s not much of a stretch to think that such a system got itself in a loop of self-shorting. I’ve seen code problems get past peer-review and weeks of performance testing only to crash a production system on a Monday morning and cause tens of thousands of dollars of lost revenue before it can be rolled back.

    I’m not personally familiar with the government insurance systems for finances so can’t add anything myself. I won’t trust in it fully though. I honestly won’t trust in any part of the system until the funds are into my account and I distribute them across several destinations including offloading a chunk as crypto into a couple different Nano.

    As for his conspiracy-theory side…don’t discount it too much. I’m not a flat-earther or anything like that but I do enjoy some possibilities if the evidence can be presented well enough. For example back in the 90s I was plugged in with friends in MUFON and even chatted with a couple Air Force and Navy officers that shared some personal stories about UFOs as we pulled third-shift watch duties together. But all “normal” people said UFOs are complete stupidity. Up until recently when we are now getting confirmation from the government including video that “never existed”. And there’s more yet to come on this I am sure. Just don’t even ask me HOW the hell this is not making bigger news than some BS interview Prince Harry has with Oprah. 🙄 So personally when Lou’s throwing out El Diablo my brain is filtering it to reference some behind-the-scenes organization / multinational / illuminati / plutacracy / whatever that he believes in.

    Again, would love to open a bottle of whiskey with him in a quiet corner someplace and just have a late night talk. Maybe some day.

    • Anonymous

      Deleted User
      May 29, 2021 at 8:50 pm

      Very helpful confirmation. I lean on my bullshit detector when I can, and it’s justified by my life experiences.

      While I have no way to gauge Lou’s perspective for myself, I identify with the way you qualified your own bs detector. Appreciate it.

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