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  • BTIG Sued or Shutdown…. Who is behind shorting?

     Yordan Arauz updated 1 year, 4 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Yordan Arauz

    May 24, 2021 at 5:22 am

    Is it possible that Microsoft, Google or Facbook or Twitter is behind shorting other companies that would benefit them, so if no one goes to AMC or Gamestop, more people would get their games off Google Playstore,Xbox or streaming apps,more people would be on their phones,computers,and smart tvs, not for nothing, but i mostly feel like it could possibly be Google who is behind it all just because their building is close to BTIG and as you can see they are on everything, and Facebook is another company that obviously acquires other companies. how this relates…well what if when the time comes for squeezing, that all work together to try to stop you from either buying or selling, your phone stops working correctly, bugging out,(Android Google) since the majority of phone users are on android……..or maybe your windows computer network adapter or card seems like it stopped working …you know sometimes windows gets a background update that doesn’t require reboot, you know sometimes you dont notice it till weeks later when people start experiencing issues, kind of like when everyone had win 7 and got the win10 upgrade notification without even having to manually or auto update win 7…(background) ive already started seeing social media getting attacked , im talking facebook groups getting removed specific to amc, or gme… but already see groups containing both names, easy to get in and shills everywhere…

    imagine waking up , you want to check the price on amc and gme, moass has started or atleast we are extremely close say, gme $300 and amc $16, but your apps are not working, only sites that can show the ticker price along with line movements, you try to use all your devices, not working, you try to take side money and throw it at other broker apps, doesn’t matter you are lucky to make it past the login screen after registering…if you can even get past that, again if not on your phones then laptops, computers,what social media, people everywhere are talking and panicking, and you cant get in groups, you cant even turn to youtubers as they are in the same boat as you and its their mission to get their tendies, the same way you are… its like a blackout of communication, only its over the network……shit i wouldn’t even be surprised if network/cable/mobile companies got paid out to have supposedly network issues on a mass global scale (like never before seen) that would seriously effect trading…hell anything internet for a specif set time…. im speculating btw, its kind of a conspiracy lol, just saying what do you guys think, paranoid? i think not… as a past computer repair technician,i know whats up,and what is possible… how ever i can also be wrong about it all…. or right about 1 or 2 things

    my hope is that if there was anyone big who could truly save us is (shamefully) our government… not because thats our hero,friend, but….if they do help us, and i mean really help us, not political fake news help to try to get a vote…. then they would get paid a massive amount of tax money from us the people, and that could possibly be way more money (clean money) with integrity, that they would have over what hedgies,tech and or corrupted companies and or ententes could have put together, its like a get out of jail (hell) free card after they pass away from old age or something…. let me know what you guys think…. because one thing is holding the line when red, or green another is when our financial system is about to cause an Armageddon lol.

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